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SpotDraft is now on HubSpot Marketplace and Salesforce AppExchange

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Here’s what SpotDraft released in February!

SpotDraft on Salesforce and HubSpot: Create and Manage Contracts within HubSpot

We are excited to announce SpotDraft is now available in the HubSpot marketplace and Salesforce AppExchange. The new integration brings SpotDraft into your CRM, making contract processes a breeze.

Here’s what you have in store:

  • Create contracts within Deals and Opportunities – The SpotDraft app appears as a sidebar in your Deals or Opportunities, allowing you to manage your proposals in one place. Create contracts from scratch or upload your customer’s versions for review, approval, and signatures.
  • Real-time visibility and collaboration with Bi-directional sync – No more jumping between your CLM and CRM. SpotDraft integration gives you visibility into all current and legacy contracts associated with a deal, with real-time status updates and a live link to the contract on SpotDraft.
  • Simplify Approval Processes – Assign reviews to the right stakeholders when you create or upload contracts. Reviewers will be automatically notified via email and can approve immediately.
  • Request signatures directly from your CRM – The integration automatically assigns signature fields to your contract drafts so you can send them for signature requests with a few clicks.

Get started with SpotDraft on HubSpot here and SalesForce here.

New Mobile Signing Experience

SpotDraft’s mobile signing experience is more user-friendly than ever. We have optimized the experience is easier to navigate and sign documents. The interface is redesigned for one-handed use, so users can effortlessly sign contracts shared with them.

Conditional Approvals for Editable Contracts

Now you can add conditional approvals for your editable contract that will be collected before sending the contract to your counterparty (Pre-send approvals).

This allows the legal teams and administrators to set up customized flows when there might be multiple iterations of a single contract based on end-user feedback or requirements.

Conditional approvals can be triggered in situations such as:

Requiring approval from the CFO only if the vendor contract value is above USD 50,000.

Requiring review by the Infosec team if the counterparty requests changes to the default data privacy and retention policies.

More SpotDraft goodness -

  • More detailed reporting – Your SpotDraft reports will also display information regarding legal users and editors for your contracts.
  • More Rows on SpotDraft Dashboard – The SpotDraft dashboard grid allows users to expand the grid to a maximum of 50 rows.
  • Bulk Upload your Counterparty Details – Now, you can upload a list of your counterparties with a SpotDraft spreadsheet template in a few seconds.
  • Account Object Support For Salesforce – Salesforce customers can now create contracts from Account Object inside Salesforce.