Release Notes

New updates and improvements to SpotDraft

Signatories made simple: New options for contract templates

New Feature


After a brief absence (we've been heads down shipping!), we're back.


What's New in This Release

1. Added support for creating templates that only require the Creator Party's signature.

Previously, we allowed 2 configurations for signatures:

  • Both parties or Only Counterparty.
  • We now support contracts that require only the Creator Party Signatures.


2. Improved the Testing module by adding support for computing results without executing the entire contract (no more tedious, repetitive testing!).


We squashed some bugs

1. Fixed a bug that caused executed copies of templates with only creator party signatories to be lost in the ether (we put up a few "Lost and Found" signs and they're all good now).


2. Resolved an issue with the "Resend email" function not working properly for templates with Creator Party questionnaires (turns out it was just mad at us for not using it enough).


3. Only Signatories defined in the access control will show up as Signatories in the prepare for signing flow (no more confusion over who can sign what).


4. The Date Expiring search facet now includes all dates defined in the future (no more missing dates in your search results).


Other Cool Stuff

1. Exposed the "Signature Required by Creator Only" option in Contract Template Settings, giving users more control over whose signatures are needed (you can choose from Creator party only, Counter-party only, or Both parties).


2. Added the ability to delete Counter-parties from templates, so you can easily change things up if you need to (no more creating new templates just because you made a mistake).


3. Enabled Counter-party labels in the workspaces with Multi-Party Workflows. Now, in the Counter-party Questionnaire, you can keep track of who's who (no more mix-ups with all those counter-parties).


Want more? Got suggestions for us? Check out our open roadmap, or submit an idea!