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June Release: Draftmate Upgrades, Configurable Date Formats and Report Generation Improvements

Draftmate Upgrades

SSO support: You will now see a “Login with SpotDraft” on the DraftMate word add-in. In just two clicks, you will be able to securely log in to your DraftMate through a log in method of your choice.


Template Testing Module: You no longer have to create a new workflow to test out the templates. From the Contract Type->Templates page in settings, you will find an option to “Test” a template. You can answer questionnaires for Your Company and CP, and preview contracts. No drafts would be created for this.


Note: Party Info cannot be added or tested here yet. We will be adding this next

Editing Variable Types: You can now edit the variable types associated with a question on demand. Please note - we will not allow you to make these edits if there are other questions whose logic is dependent on the original variable.

Configurable Date Formatter

You can now assign specific date formats for their different entities from the contract settings page. This date format will be applicable on template date fields and signature fields.


You can watch the full video of the end-to-end flow here.

Report Generation Improvements

With the latest set of improvements, you will be able to see the tags associated with the contract on any contract reports downloaded from the workspace. You can also go on to assign tags to contracts while uploading contracts via the Document Upload flow.

You can watch the full video of the flow here.

Access Control Changes

Admin users will no longer have all access by default for any given contract type. This will ensure that more sensitive documents such as Employment Agreements, Shareholders certificates etc. will not be made available to the an admin user by default. Please note - the creator role is still going to be a compulsory role that needs to be set for any contract type.