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Custom Views, ToDo Lists, Upload Contracts directly from Slack, and a lot more 🚀

Introducing Custom Views on the contracts grid 🤯


Having a tough time locating a set of relevant contracts and need to apply the same filter each time? We just simplified this for you! You will now be able to create custom views on the contract grid alongside the ‘All’, ‘Ongoing’, and ‘Deleted’ views.


You can create a new view in 2 ways


Click on the "+" button and a new view will be created.


From ‘All’, ‘Ongoing’ or any custom view, you will see a ‘Duplicate’ option upon clicking the overflow button.

Clicking on it will create a new view with the same facets that were applied on the view from where the duplication was triggered.


Rename and Delete views as you require.


Once a view is created, it will remain on your home screen along with the search criteria unless you delete the view.


If you add or remove certain search facets, the view is auto-saved and will retain the criteria in real time.




Slack To-Do List ✍🏼


Keeping track of your tasks and making sure they are done on time is difficult, especially with the ever growing number of contracts. With the new ToDo List feature you can see all your pending tasks in one place - right on Slack!


Just open the SpotDraft slack app and go to the Home page to see all your current pending tasks. This list is dynamic and will keep getting updated as you complete your tasks or whenever there are new tasks assigned to you. 


Watch it in action


Upload via Slack ⏫


Now you can upload contracts to your SpotDraft account from the comfort of your slack workspace. 



To upload a contract from slack 


  1. Go to SpotDraft's slack app
  2. Open the Message tab on the top left  
  3. Upload the contract as a message 
  4. Click on the three dots menu present at the right for each message
  5. Search and select the Upload to SpotDraft shortcut
  6. Fill in the required details and submit to upload


You will be notified when the contract has been successfully uploaded


You can also upload contracts from a channel. Add the SpotDraft app to the channel first and then use the message shortcut Upload to SpotDraft for a file to upload.


 Watch it in action   


A New way to add Recipients for Contracts 🤩


We have updated how information for new recipients is collected. Now you will get a clearer and concise representation of all parties and stakeholders in a unified view.


By comparison, there is a 60% reduction in the number of clicks required for addition of 1 signatory each for both parties.


Key changes -


  1. Consolidated view of users grouped by organization.
  2. Simplified button bar for selection of role type. You do not need to open a drop down each time to select different roles of Approver/Signatory/Receiver.
  3. You can now undo a ‘Delete’ action so you don’t have to re-enter all details again in case of accidental deletion.
  4. If there are multiple entities for your organization, the entity name selected will be displayed.




Improved formatting options on DraftMate


In addition to formatting Short Answer and Number fields, you can now format Date and Monetary (Currency) fields directly from DraftMate. 


To format any Monetary (Currency) fields, you can choose the format in which the symbol should appear (Eg. USD vs $), show it in words ( Eg. US Dollar One), and also decide the precision by picking the number of decimal values you want to show. (Eg. $ 121.23 vs $ 121.228)




To format any Date field, select “Insert Simple Variable” and pick a Variable of type Date (Eg. Effective Date). You will now see new options to pick the format in which you want to display the date. Simply select the format in which you’d like the date to be rendered, check the preview and click on “Insert Variable”.