Release Notes

New updates and improvements to SpotDraft

  1. SpotDraft is now on HubSpot Marketplace and Salesforce AppExchange

    New Feature

    Here’s what SpotDraft released in February!

    SpotDraft on Salesforce and HubSpot: Create and Manage Contracts within HubSpot

    We are excited to announce SpotDraft is now available in the HubSpot marketplace and Salesforce AppExchange. The new integration brings SpotDraft into your CRM, making contract processes a breeze.

    Here’s what you have in store:

    • Create contracts within Deals and Opportunities – The SpotDraft app appears as a sidebar in your Deals or Opportunities, allowing you to manage your proposals in one place. Create contracts from scratch or upload your customer’s versions for review, approval, and signatures.
    • Real-time visibility and collaboration with Bi-directional sync – No more jumping between your CLM and CRM. SpotDraft integration gives you visibility into all current and legacy contracts associated with a deal, with real-time status updates and a live link to the contract on SpotDraft.
    • Simplify Approval Processes – Assign reviews to the right stakeholders when you create or upload contracts. Reviewers will be automatically notified via email and can approve immediately.
    • Request signatures directly from your CRM – The integration automatically assigns signature fields to your contract drafts so you can send them for signature requests with a few clicks.

    Get started with SpotDraft on HubSpot here and SalesForce here.

    New Mobile Signing Experience

    SpotDraft’s mobile signing experience is more user-friendly than ever. We have optimized the experience is easier to navigate and sign documents. The interface is redesigned for one-handed use, so users can effortlessly sign contracts shared with them.

    Conditional Approvals for Editable Contracts

    Now you can add conditional approvals for your editable contract that will be collected before sending the contract to your counterparty (Pre-send approvals).

    This allows the legal teams and administrators to set up customized flows when there might be multiple iterations of a single contract based on end-user feedback or requirements.

    Conditional approvals can be triggered in situations such as:

    Requiring approval from the CFO only if the vendor contract value is above USD 50,000.

    Requiring review by the Infosec team if the counterparty requests changes to the default data privacy and retention policies.

    More SpotDraft goodness -

    • More detailed reporting – Your SpotDraft reports will also display information regarding legal users and editors for your contracts.
    • More Rows on SpotDraft Dashboard – The SpotDraft dashboard grid allows users to expand the grid to a maximum of 50 rows.
    • Bulk Upload your Counterparty Details – Now, you can upload a list of your counterparties with a SpotDraft spreadsheet template in a few seconds.
    • Account Object Support For Salesforce – Salesforce customers can now create contracts from Account Object inside Salesforce.


  2. Better Summaries for Intake Forms, and New Format Options for Questionnaires

    New Feature

    New month, new releases. Let’s go!

    What’s New?

    Key Pointers for Intake Form: Summarize Important Information in One Place!

    We're excited to announce a new feature that makes using our Intake forms easier! You can now create Key Pointers for any question or essential variables in your form.

    These Key Pointers will display all the most important information from your form in one easy-to-access section. These pointers will now be reflected in the summary page.

    New Format Options for Multi-select Dropdown in your Questionnaire

    We are adding new format options on the multi-select dropdown that you can incorporate into your questionnaires. This further expands the capabilities of your questionnaire by allowing users to format their selections as follows -

    • Comma Separated (A, B, C, and D)
    • Comma Separated (A, B, C, D)
    • Comma Separated (A, B, C, or D)
    • Bulleted list
    • Numbered list


  3. Contract Intake Forms, Conditional Approvals, and more.

    New Feature

    Here’s our first update for 2023! 🎉 Let’s get started.

    What's Now?

    Streamlining Contracts: Contract Intake Form for Information Collection

    Introducing Contract Intake Forms. Now legal teams can collect key information regarding new contracts being uploaded for review from business users. Use this to:

    • Prioritize contracts based on the information provided in the intake form
    • Set the correct approval flows, hence improving contract execution velocity
    • Generate reports to analyze which departments request contracts, deal values, etc., and share them with relevant stakeholders.

    Additionally, we have introduced a Questionnaire builder for the Contract Intake form.

    Now Intake form creators can add a questionnaire for collecting feedback from the builder.

    This has the same functionality as the questionnaire builder for your contract templates. Legal users can now create this questionnaire, which will be answered by the business users, i.e., sales, support, marketing, etc.

    Conditional Approvals come to Third-Party Contracts

    We are enabling conditional approvals for third-party contracts. Previously, conditional approvals were only available to your existing contracts and contract templates.

    This is now available for third-party contracts as well.

    You can enable them on the intake form when you upload a fresh third-party contract. Just ensure these are uploaded as editable contracts, and we’ll take care of the rest.

    Quality of Life Update and Bug Fixes

    • Past dates can be set up as due dates for tasks.
    • UI improvements on Tasks Center - fixed notification count not showing up properly when task count is less than ten on the header.


  4. File Uploads for Counterparties, Self-serve approvals and more! 🎉


    Here's our last update of the year 🎆. Let’s get right into it.

    What's New?

    File Uploads for Counterparties: No more Scrubbing through Contract Emails

    With our latest update, counterparties can now upload supporting documents directly through the questionnaire.

    No more sharing documents back and forth over email - simply select the 'Related Documents' question type in the self-serve questionnaire builder and let your counterparties upload up to 10 files/documents. These documents will then be available in the summary page's 'Related Documents' section, tagged as 'Supporting Document'.

    This feature saves time, improves the user experience, and supports a variety of file types including DOCX, DOC, JPEG, JPG, PNG, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, TXT, ODP, GIF, KEY, and ASIC. Streamline your contract process with this convenient new feature!

    Screenshot 2022-12-30 at 4.59.30 PM

    Self-Serve Conditional Approvals: Faster Contract Processing

    Now, you can set up your own conditions for contract approvals directly from the contract settings. You don’t need our teams to do this for you anymore!

    Simply head to contract settings, open the contract type, and go to approvals to add a pre-send approval. Select a template and define your condition - it's that easy!

    This feature is a game-changer for saving time and making approvals a breeze. Check out this video to see it in action:

    Editors can Now Approve Documents for Signatures

    You can now allow editors to prepare contracts for signing. Head to contract settings > contract type > signatories to make the change.

    Auto-marking for Execution after Pre-sign Approvals

    Once pre-sign approvals are complete, the contract will automatically move to the 'awaiting signature' stage if there are no pending actions like missing information or stamps. This means one less step for you and your team, resulting in a smoother and faster contract process. Happy signing!

    We squashed some bugs too!

    • Add uniqueness validation on variable name of each column of a dynamic table
    • Validate all blanks have correct data shape as per format options


  5. Tasks & Reminders, HubSpot Integration and more!

    New Feature

    Santa came early this year! We've got some big updates for you, so let's not waste any time.

    What's New?


    Tasks and Reminders

    What is this feature? Users will be able to add tasks related to contracts on SpotDraft, and assign them to other users. You can also configure reminders for each of these tasks. All tasks will be available to users, at a glance, once they log in to SpotDraft. Why is it important? Taking a contract from creation to execution requires a ton of smaller tasks. These can range from requesting internal review, to getting approval for payments, or sending out compliances post-execution. You can now track all your contract-related tasks within SpotDraft.

    Romit Raj


    Introducing Tasks and Reminders, the ultimate to-do list for your contracts on SpotDraft! Now you can assign and track tasks related to your contracts, or use it as a catch-all to-do list for your legal team.

    No more back-and-forth emails or digging through filters - with Tasks and Reminders, you'll know exactly what needs to be done for each contract as soon as you log in.

    It's not just for contracts - you can use Tasks and Reminders for anything your team needs to stay on top of.

    Screenshot 2022-12-14 at 11.46.50

    Check out this video to see a demo!


    HubSpot Integration

    Soon, you can create contracts in minutes - without leaving your HubSpot workspace. Our HubSpot integration allows you to create and send pre-vetted contracts within HubSpot with just a few clicks - filling templates using your HubSpot opportunity data. This will cut contract turnaround time from days to minutes. You can request review and signatures from your team directly via HubSpot, and our data-sync also enables you with real-time updates on the status of the contract within the HubSpot environment.

    Udit Misra


    Introducing the ultimate power couple - HubSpot and SpotDraft! Now you can create contracts directly from your HubSpot deals, saving time and avoiding errors.

    No more manually entering contact info - just map the properties of your deals, companies, and contacts to the contract fields you want, and let the integration do the rest.

    And don't worry, you can still do all your favourite things - send contracts for review, send to counterparties, get signatures, upload third-party papers, and upload new versions. Plus, see related contract information right on the deal page.

    image (2) (1)

    Sort On Grid

    Get ready to flex your sorting muscles with the new Sort on Grid feature! You can now sort your contracts by the following, individually or in combination.

    • Counterparty name
    • Creation date
    • Expiration date
    • Execution date
    • Last updated date

    Duplicate a view? No problem - the sort is carried over to the new custom view. And if you have the same columns in two views, the sort is maintained while switching between them.

    Plus, we squashed a pesky bug - the Yes/No option will now correctly show your selected choice when downloading report templates for checkbox key pointers.

    Go forth and sort, friends! Your reports will thank you.

    Stamping Improvements

    We made some improvements to inventory settings! Now you can see the status of your stamps - whether they're reserved, used, or available - and delete them from inventory if you need to.

    And don't worry, you won't lose your stamps - you can individually download them from inventory, and even see which contract they're reserved for.

    Other Cool Stuff

    Say goodbye to the hassle of deleting and recreating questions on Templates - you can now seamlessly move questions between sections.

    We squashed some bugs too!

    • Say goodbye to font confusion - the fonts for paragraph and paragraph with formatting fields are now happily matched.
    • Rich text formatting is back in business - you can use it throughout the testing module without any issues.
    • We took care of some pesky bugs in sequential approvals - everything is running smoothly now.

    Want more? Got suggestions for us? Check out our open roadmap, or submit an idea!

  6. Signatories made simple: New options for contract templates

    New Feature

    After a brief absence (we've been heads down shipping!), we're back.

    What's New in This Release

    1. Added support for creating templates that only require the Creator Party's signature.

    Previously, we allowed 2 configurations for signatures:

    • Both parties or Only Counterparty.
    • We now support contracts that require only the Creator Party Signatures.

    2. Improved the Testing module by adding support for computing results without executing the entire contract (no more tedious, repetitive testing!).

    We squashed some bugs

    1. Fixed a bug that caused executed copies of templates with only creator party signatories to be lost in the ether (we put up a few "Lost and Found" signs and they're all good now).

    2. Resolved an issue with the "Resend email" function not working properly for templates with Creator Party questionnaires (turns out it was just mad at us for not using it enough).

    3. Only Signatories defined in the access control will show up as Signatories in the prepare for signing flow (no more confusion over who can sign what).

    4. The Date Expiring search facet now includes all dates defined in the future (no more missing dates in your search results).

    Other Cool Stuff

    1. Exposed the "Signature Required by Creator Only" option in Contract Template Settings, giving users more control over whose signatures are needed (you can choose from Creator party only, Counter-party only, or Both parties).

    2. Added the ability to delete Counter-parties from templates, so you can easily change things up if you need to (no more creating new templates just because you made a mistake).

    3. Enabled Counter-party labels in the workspaces with Multi-Party Workflows. Now, in the Counter-party Questionnaire, you can keep track of who's who (no more mix-ups with all those counter-parties).

    Want more? Got suggestions for us? Check out our open roadmap, or submit an idea!


  7. Link your Docusign account to SpotDraft in <3 minutes 🚀

    Set up DocuSign on your workspace in just 2 clicks

    Say goodbye to the times when it took more than 48 hours to integrate DocuSign with your SpotDraft account. To add to that, the process was highly technical and complex. We have now introduced a DocuSign right in the integrations tab. This enables you to connect your DocuSign account with SpotDraft on your own without any technical assistance. The process is now simple, blazing fast (takes less than 3 minutes) and completely self-serve.


    Note: DocuSign integration needs to be enabled for your SpotDraft account by your Customer Success Manager. If you haven't done so already, reach out to your CSM.

    Bug fixes 🐞:

    Bug fix: Text in “Paragraph with formatting” was overflowing. Fixed

    Bug fix: “Cancel” button isn’t working on Edit Questionnaire flow. Fixed. As a part of this, we have removed Cancel from Create flow as it wasn’t adding real value and creating confusion on what happens. Draft continues to get created once the party info has been filled out.

    Enhancement: Create Variable experience in Questionnaire has been improved, Users would have to click outside to enable Create button which was unintuitive in all demos. As soon as user clicks on ’Create new variable”, create button will get enabled now as long as other mandatory questions are filled.


  8. The wait is over - Upload and review PDF third-party contracts, insert default company seal and more!

    Upload PDF Contacts for Review

    Not all contracts that require review are word documents, sometimes you just receive a PDF contract that you need to get approved by the legal team. Till now you could only upload PDFs for signing on SpotDraft.

    Now you can also upload your PDF contracts as third-party paper or a contract version, and get them reviewed before signing.


    1-click company seal insertion

    Company seals do not change frequently, so why should you re-upload the seal each time when signing a contract? Not anymore! You can now set a default seal for each entity on your workspace.

    Steps for adding the default seal -

    1. Click on the company profile dropdown button on the top right of the home screen
    2. Navigate through to Settings > Organization > Entities.
    3. On each entity card, a new option of ‘Company Seal’ will now be available.
    4. Click on ‘Upload’ and select the file to be set as the default seal.

    Once the above is done, whenever you sign a contract for that entity, the company seal will be inserted by clicking once on the placeholder, without you having to upload the seal each time.


    Fetching location data from the browser for signature audits

    Location information based on only IP addresses often could be inaccurate for several reasons. Therefore, hereon all users signing contracts on SpotDraft will be prompted to provide their consent to sharing location through their browser. 

    Along with the IP address, the signatories' location will be captured with greater accuracy to help you obtain all the relevant information required for security.


    Bug Fixes 🐞 ✅:

    • Address variables show up as mandatory (*) even when they are not - Fixed
    • “Submit” button shows up in CP flow even when there are questions to be answered - Fixed
    • Text in “Paragraph with Formatting” (Rich text) fields are overflowing - Fixed
    • UI breaks in Define Logic section when Variable Names are too long - Fixed
    • Yes/No fields appears as dropdown intermittently - Fixed
    • Define Logic wasn’t working as expected for many BE Variables - Fixed


  9. Custom Views, ToDo Lists, Upload Contracts directly from Slack, and a lot more 🚀

    Introducing Custom Views on the contracts grid 🤯

    Having a tough time locating a set of relevant contracts and need to apply the same filter each time? We just simplified this for you! You will now be able to create custom views on the contract grid alongside the ‘All’, ‘Ongoing’, and ‘Deleted’ views.

    You can create a new view in 2 ways

    Click on the "+" button and a new view will be created.

    From ‘All’, ‘Ongoing’ or any custom view, you will see a ‘Duplicate’ option upon clicking the overflow button.

    Clicking on it will create a new view with the same facets that were applied on the view from where the duplication was triggered.

    Rename and Delete views as you require.

    Once a view is created, it will remain on your home screen along with the search criteria unless you delete the view.

    If you add or remove certain search facets, the view is auto-saved and will retain the criteria in real time.


    Slack To-Do List ✍🏼

    Keeping track of your tasks and making sure they are done on time is difficult, especially with the ever growing number of contracts. With the new ToDo List feature you can see all your pending tasks in one place - right on Slack!

    Just open the SpotDraft slack app and go to the Home page to see all your current pending tasks. This list is dynamic and will keep getting updated as you complete your tasks or whenever there are new tasks assigned to you. 

    Watch it in action

    Upload via Slack ⏫

    Now you can upload contracts to your SpotDraft account from the comfort of your slack workspace. 

    To upload a contract from slack 

    1. Go to SpotDraft's slack app
    2. Open the Message tab on the top left  
    3. Upload the contract as a message 
    4. Click on the three dots menu present at the right for each message
    5. Search and select the Upload to SpotDraft shortcut
    6. Fill in the required details and submit to upload

    You will be notified when the contract has been successfully uploaded

    You can also upload contracts from a channel. Add the SpotDraft app to the channel first and then use the message shortcut Upload to SpotDraft for a file to upload.

    Watch it in action  

    A New way to add Recipients for Contracts 🤩

    We have updated how information for new recipients is collected. Now you will get a clearer and concise representation of all parties and stakeholders in a unified view.

    By comparison, there is a 60% reduction in the number of clicks required for addition of 1 signatory each for both parties.

    Key changes -

    1. Consolidated view of users grouped by organization.
    2. Simplified button bar for selection of role type. You do not need to open a drop down each time to select different roles of Approver/Signatory/Receiver.
    3. You can now undo a ‘Delete’ action so you don’t have to re-enter all details again in case of accidental deletion.
    4. If there are multiple entities for your organization, the entity name selected will be displayed.


    Improved formatting options on DraftMate

    In addition to formatting Short Answer and Number fields, you can now format Date and Monetary (Currency) fields directly from DraftMate. 

    To format any Monetary (Currency) fields, you can choose the format in which the symbol should appear (Eg. USD vs $), show it in words ( Eg. US Dollar One), and also decide the precision by picking the number of decimal values you want to show. (Eg. $ 121.23 vs $ 121.228)


    To format any Date field, select “Insert Simple Variable” and pick a Variable of type Date (Eg. Effective Date). You will now see new options to pick the format in which you want to display the date. Simply select the format in which you’d like the date to be rendered, check the preview and click on “Insert Variable”.



  10. June Release: Draftmate Upgrades, Configurable Date Formats and Report Generation Improvements

    Draftmate Upgrades

    SSO support: You will now see a “Login with SpotDraft” on the DraftMate word add-in. In just two clicks, you will be able to securely log in to your DraftMate through a log in method of your choice.


    Template Testing Module: You no longer have to create a new workflow to test out the templates. From the Contract Type->Templates page in settings, you will find an option to “Test” a template. You can answer questionnaires for Your Company and CP, and preview contracts. No drafts would be created for this.


    Note: Party Info cannot be added or tested here yet. We will be adding this next

    Editing Variable Types: You can now edit the variable types associated with a question on demand. Please note - we will not allow you to make these edits if there are other questions whose logic is dependent on the original variable.

    Configurable Date Formatter

    You can now assign specific date formats for their different entities from the contract settings page. This date format will be applicable on template date fields and signature fields.


    You can watch the full video of the end-to-end flow here.

    Report Generation Improvements

    With the latest set of improvements, you will be able to see the tags associated with the contract on any contract reports downloaded from the workspace. You can also go on to assign tags to contracts while uploading contracts via the Document Upload flow.

    You can watch the full video of the flow here.

    Access Control Changes

    Admin users will no longer have all access by default for any given contract type. This will ensure that more sensitive documents such as Employment Agreements, Shareholders certificates etc. will not be made available to the an admin user by default. Please note - the creator role is still going to be a compulsory role that needs to be set for any contract type.